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Both parents to this litter are imported from Germany/Czech and come from top rated German/Czech Shepherd dogs. Puppies will be available for there forever home at 8 weeks of age. there are 4 males and 4 females available Puppies are black/red The puppies DOB 8/29/xxxx Sire: Vassco z Jirkova dvora is from one of the top kennels in Czech ZVV1, hips and elbows 0/0. He is also DM clear N/N . Vassco is line bred to some of the three best dogs that came from the Pohranicni straze border patrol kennel: SG Xero z Pohranicni straze CS SCHH3 IPO3 ZVV1 4,4 - 5 SG Tom z Pohranicni Straze xxxx Czech Police Dog, SP-PS, ZVV2, OP1 5 - 5 SG Grim z Pohranicni straze ZVV3, IPO3, SCHH3, ZPS1, ZM, FH1 (V7 WUSV xxxx) (UM CR xxxx, xxxx) (UMS xxxx) 5,5 ? 5 Dam: V Duska vom Holtkämper Hof ,BH, IPO1 Kkl 1, SV HD-ZW 80 Hip: HD normal - Elbows: ED normal. Duska is DM clear N/N and cleared of another 150 genetic diseases. Duska is the daughter of Peik Vom Holtkamper Hof he has no common ancestry within five generations and He was born November 5, xxxx, and has the following specifications: Hips: A1 ZW: 70 Elbows: A1 Titles: SG, V, VA, AD, BH, SCH3, KKL1 xxxx BSZS Aachen SG18 xxxx BSZS ULM V11 xxxx BSZS Nuremberg V1 xxxx BSZS Belgium VA3 xxxx BSZS Nuremberg VA8 xxxx USCA Sieger Show VA1 Champ BSZS Germany World Championships The puppies pedigree Puppy's price is $1,200. ($300 non refundable deposit) the deposit is deducted from the $1XXX.XX. $XXX.XX is due at the time the puppy is picked up or before the puppy is shipped. The shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer Included in the price *Full AKC registration *FL Health Certificate by a lic. Vet *Appropriate age shots * deworming at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks *Micro chipped * 25 month hip and elbow guarantee * 1 year Genetic Health guarantee * Health records *Current food that the puppy is eating for one week * Puppy toy, puppy collar, puppy leash